ZenReads is shutting down

Hello readers, ZenReads started as a hobby project back in Sep 2015, and has got 2000+ subscribers over the years. Unfortunately, since we are super busy working on Daike, the In-App helpdesk for mobile games, ZenReads will be closing April 1, 2017. We are deeply grateful for your time and enthusiasm since the beginning. If you are looking for alternatives, see DOOCER.

Meanwhile, App developers/marketers may want to check out Daike.


Who made ZenReads?

We are Dai Ke, a startup of six people working remotely in Shanghai and Beijing, China. We created and now run Daike, In-App customer support SaaS specifically for mobile games.

Why did you make ZenReads?

We made ZenReads for one reason: we love reading, but we couldn't find a simple and elegant way to read content from the Internet on Kindle. We created ZenReads for ourselves and, hopefully, others.

How does ZenReads work?

First, you select some source websites. Every night, we pull content from these websites, pack it into a magazine, and deliver it to your Kindle. You wake up to an update-to-date magazine in the morning.

How much do you charge?

Right now we are beta-testing, and we'll keep it free of charge until we feel the product is ready. If you really love it, please spread the love by telling your families and friends.

I have feedback for you!

Sure! Feel free to contact . And please follow us on Twitter.

Anything else?

Special thanks to Mumu for the lovely drawings, and Paul for proofreading.